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Gens Copper Tea table: Elegant Lifestyle

The way of tea, in mind, in art, in quiet, in product

Twist a season of tea fragrance, hold a chapter of books, no desire, no thought, no hope

Under boiling water, tea leaves gather and separate

Only in the morning and evening, the beauty of distance, everything is just right.

Savor a cup of tea and leave a blank space for life

Look at your heart and let go of all the confusion.

Leave a space for yourself

Listen to an ancient music of meditation and taste a fragrant tea

Feel the state of clarity in melody and fragrance

The ancients said, "One day without tea is delayed, three days without tea is sick." From this we can see that the ancients were obsessed with drinking tea. The ancients liked to taste tea and quiet gods. The ups and downs of tea leave aside the disturbances of the world and see all the life forms.

When Chinese drink tea, they pay attention to the word "tasting". Tea tasting is not only to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of tea, but also to have a reverie and to appreciate the taste of tea. They make a pot of tea in their busy schedule, drink it by themselves, eliminate troubles, or sip slowly and chat with their friends when tasting tea.

China is the home of tea. Tea ceremony culture has a long history. The etiquette of making tea and offering tea is indispensable for all guests, which also reflects the etiquette of the state of etiquette. When visitors come to visit, they can ask for advice and choose the best tea sets for guests.

The choice of tea sets reflects the owner's taste to a certain extent. The tea sets made of pure copper are elegant and charming in color, and show a low-key and elegant taste of life.

Copper not only has the unique luster of metal, but also has many superior performances that other copper tea sets do not have. There are many contacts between tea table and tea tray, so the anti-corruption is particularly important. Copper tea table and tea tray have strong anti-corruption and impermeability, which also determine their long-term durability.

When you are worried about the secular world, you might as well pour a cup of tea, as if to put aside all the disturbances in the world, let leisure comfort spread arbitrarily and enjoy it quietly.

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