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Gens Copper Tile: Looking for the Distant Views

Tile, for the descendants of Yanhuang, is a kind and peaceful existence, a profound cultural memory, silent in the eaves, telling a long and ancient history.

In the atmosphere of the north, brick by brick witnessed his Millennium glory and vicissitudes.

In the rainy and smoky south of the Yangtze River, white walls and black tiles will gently express their feelings. Who stained the ink spots between the eaves?

Tile, mottled the vicissitudes of the years, telling of the blossom and fall of the four seasons of the year, although gradually fading away, but we can recover the lost memory, with thousands of years of copper to continue the cultural heritage of thousands of years.

The tile made of pottery has gradually been far away from the life of modern people, but because of the superiority of materials, copper tile appears more frequently in buildings.

Copper tiles are beautiful and bright, and the bright metal light can instantly turn a plain and unimaginable space into a warm home.

Rows of copper tiles, in the roof deduce the rhythm of order aesthetic feeling, brilliant copper tiles, will gradually set off a new fashion in roof decoration.

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