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The Most Beautiful European Town: Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic

The Czech town of Krumlov, known as the most beautiful town in Europe, was founded in the 13th century and is the second largest castle in Bohemia.

Heradekta (Painted Tower) is the symbol of the castle. The flag of the tall spire of the tower is made of brass. The spire of the tower has been oxidized into copper green with historical charm after thousands of years of baptism, which renders the fairy-tale town a literary and artistic flavor accumulated for thousands of years.

Gens drew inspiration from the medieval town and built an impressive copper spire. The shape of the spire is different from that of the traditional cone. The spire is designed with large radian curve. The top of the spire is a unique flag shape, which attracts eyeballs.

Copper spire is cast with T2 copper plate up to one centimeter thick. It is surface treated by pre-oxidation technology. Laser welding cracks, the whole body of the spire and flag and ball parts are made of copper. Flag pole parts are made of brass. The color matching is reasonable and the details are delicate. It reflects the designer's and producer's intentions and gives people a sense of shock as a whole.

In addition to the eye-catching verdant spire, the town's pure copper falling water is the accumulation of thousands of years of history, under the background of a variety of houses and buildings, it is full of antiquity.

Gens has undertaken many metal falling projects of well-known domestic buildings. Its time-tested pure copper falling witnesses the quality of our company. We also believe that more and more builders will choose us.

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