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There is such a couplet in The Story of YouWindow: spoil and humiliate, watch the flowers blossom and fall in front of the courtyard; leave or leave unintentionally, look at the clouds rolling in the sky.

A pair of couplets, few words, but a life of things, fame and interests should be attitudes: not happy to get, not worry about losing, spoil, not surprise, go or stay unintentionally. Only in this way can we be peaceful and indifferent to nature.

The broad-minded and indifferent mood of the ancients is especially precious in this impetuous age. Success or failure makes people happy, sad, surprised, worried or afraid. Under the heavy load, people suffer from gains and losses. Only by displaying a free and elegant attitude with a calm and peaceful mind, can we truly achieve the goal of spoiling and not surprising, leaving or leaving unintentionally.

In fact, it is not so difficult to be happy with things and sad with oneself. The most important thing is to slow down one's pace, slow down one's pace and savor one's life so that one can have a calm and comfortable mind.

Famous designer Zhu Yingchun's motto about life is: Life is very important, slow down and be yourself. In his courtyard, leaves fall in autumn, snow falls in winter, flowers and plants fill the courtyard, moss, windowsill, snails, butterflies, flowers coexist in a room.

Planting flowers and plants in the courtyard, and then observing the small animals living with flowers and plants, the quiet and leisurely life makes his mood optimistic and open-minded, many design inspiration is also derived from the flowers and small animals in life.

Many people like to play with flowers and plants, in their own courtyard, sunny terrace, three or two pots planted with small flowers of various colors, or fresh green fleshy, or elegant simple daisy, white camellia...

Various small flowers are reflected in the bronze pot, the first light reflects the unique light of metal, especially the vitality of flowers and plants. I do not know whether it is the green onions or the brilliant bronze, in an instant calmed the impetuous heart.

There are many kinds of flower pots, such as tile pots, pottery pots, pottery pots and so on. The pottery pots are ordinary in shape and rough in technology. Although they are more beautiful, they are fragile and not easy to be used for a long time. Copper flower pots show unique advantages, delicate and elegant luster, and unique anti-corruption is very conducive to planting flowers and landscapes.

Flowers are still blooming and the water is flowing. If you feel that the pace of life is too fast, or when you are upset, you may as well raise some flowers and plants, quietly enjoy the slow life, look at the clouds in the sky, see the flowers blossom and fall in front of the court.

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