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Bird House: The Resting Place for Soul

The ancients in the courtyard, or with like-minded friends playing chess, or sitting in the courtyard to taste tea, chatting about life, talk about right and wrong...

Occasionally, a couple of crisp and melodious bird calls, swallow warblers singing and choking in rhyme, brought a touch of wit and wit to the air in the quiet and peaceful yard.

The ancients described the euphemistic birdsong as "Jianguan". In Chinese bird culture, birdcage seems to be a necessary home decoration for scholars. Early in the morning, with their own birds, blowing a clear whistle, a good day in the bird walking time began.

In the modern fast-paced life, raising birds seems to have become a very luxurious thing. Placing one or two exquisite and pleasant cages outside the courtyard, inadvertently flying companion birds, let you feel the liveliness and beauty of nature.

In the garden, there should be not only bright flowers, fresh and lively sunshine, but also the birdsong that brings us pleasant mood. Many people in Europe and the United States will put the birdhouse in the front yard, so that the birds can find this home to live together.

Perhaps no bird finds this home, but it can also be the hope of life, suddenly one day, joy comes suddenly, you hear the long-lost singing.

Red and green parrots, tiger parrots, hibiscus, inverted hanging birds and so on, are bright-colored birds, can make people pleasant. The thrush, the lark, the red and blue indigo chin are called with a thousand sounds and pleasant sounds. Wouldn't it be fun if these birds chose to stay in your home and stay with you?

No matter whether there are birds in the house or not, the houses hanging around treetops or eaves are themselves a landscape. Like the lighthouse, the fine house has become a haven for birds wandering outside.

The garden where the elves dwell does not necessarily have to be decorated with gold and silver, or carved beautifully, but must give the birds a warm feeling of home.

Gens adopt a humanized design that counterfeit a shape of house, which give birds a sense of home. And the body of house adopt original wooden that comes from nature. The top of the house adopt T2 copper to forge into different vertical shape.With its natural purity of logs and dazzling metallic luster, it is the warmest and comfortable habitat for birds.  

The copper handle portable design is wear-resistant and can be easily suspended anywhere. What we want is for the birds to have a place to roost, to be with you and have a good time.

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