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Publish of Gens New Style Copper Chimney

Chimneys are the architectural features of Western countries, which originate from the practicability of heating and exhausting smoke. At the same time, fireplaces are designed for indoor heating. With the popularization of more environmentally friendly and energy-saving heating facilities, the practicability of fireplaces and chimneys is gradually diminished. But fireplaces and chimneys are still preserved as part of many buildings. And this unique architectural design was introduced into the East, to the world, for decorative design to increase the space of design and imagination, more prominent decorative value.

Gens - focus on indoor copper decorative fireplace, copper background wall, copper ceiling, outdoor roof, copper eaves ditch, copper lightning rod, pure copper chimney cap, copper eaves, copper railings, copper curtain wall, copper doors and windows, copper tiles and other metal decorative products design, dedicated to creating the world's top luxury building decoration industry. 

Gens- Chimney G1

Gens- Chimney E1

Gens- Chimney B1

Gens- Chimney C1

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