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The other Function of Gutter in Foreign Country

Copper Gutter is widely used in roofing decoration of building owing to its unique beauty and durable weather resistance. Not only because it has the functions of roofing drainage and building protection, but it also conform to the modern people increasingly growing visual aesthetic.

However,the imaginative foreigners are not satisfied with the function roofing drainage of copper gutter, and they turn it out to be all sort of flowers' gutter with their brainstorms.

Or it stands on the wall to plant flowers and plants, because the ancient patina particularly shows the implication of age. Or set a bracket, the gutter will be suspended to form a natural shelf, become a unique garden, yard decoration, make people feel like loving at first sight.

Bracketplant, variegated wrapping grows here, form a kind of green scenery, foreigners called this kind of decoration for the vertical gardening, in foreign countries, almost every family has a garden space, they regarded a house as tired after habitat paradise, in meditation in the garden is a good way to relax, so they pay special attention to the adornment of the courtyard.

The introduction of copper into the courtyard is an ideal decoration scheme, and the rainwater that drains the eave rain chain is used for irrigation of flowers and plants, making the courtyard green and more lush.

Foreigners' obsession with copper gutter seems to have reached a certain realm, maybe it is the charm derived from copper, or they have their own opinions on the decoration of houses. Anyway, the courtyard is more lively and full of the flavor of home because of the decoration of copper!

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