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The Most Beautiful European Town: Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic is  honoured as the most beautiful European town, was fouded in 13 centery, is the second largest castle in Bohemia.

Hradek Tower ( Painted Tower ) is the symbol of this castle, whose towering finial is made up of brass and it was oxidated into a famous patina. The fairy tale town is rendered with the artistic atmosphere of thousands of years.

Gens took inspiration from the town with medievalism and created an impressing copper finial. This outside shape of finial is different from the traditional one. Our finials designed with a big radian curve. What draws our eyes is the unique flag shape of finial.

Copper finial chooses a centimeter thick T2 copper plate casting, the preoxidation technology for surface treatment, laser welding cracks, peaked around and banner and ball are made of copper, the pole is made of brass colour collocation is reasonable, the detail processing is exquisite, reflects the intention of the designer and producer, give a person the sense with shock as a whole.

Except for the eye-catching verdant spires, the town's pure copper drop is a historical accumulation of thousands of years, which is full of ancient buildings.

Gens has undertaken the project of metal drainage of many famous buildings in China. Its pure copper falling water that can stand the test of time has witnessed our quality. We believe that more and more building Chambers will choose us.

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