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Booth 2A26 in Guangzhou Designing Exhibition, Gens Has a Meeting with You.

Design selection expo (Guangzhou Design Week) will be held in Poly world trade fair Pazhou, Guangzhou from December 4-6, 2015. Guangzhou design week has developed into China's largest, largest number of participants, the most influential, the most international level of design selection expo.

Today, let's go to the B building district to see the special and gorgeous effect that copper shows in other materials in the building.B building area - showcases all kinds of magnificent ancient buildings, noble and fashionable modern buildings and various architectural accessories, crisscrossing in the modern bustling city. This region contains four association member enterprises: Fujian Gens Metal Technology Development Co., LTD., Beijing Jinghang Tongdu Decoration Co., LTD, Jinxing Copper Group and Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Material Co., LTD.

Fujian Gens Metal Technology Development Co., LTD, founded in 2002, is a  technological innovation-oriented enterprises, focus in research & development, production, and sales, engaged in the central air conditioning pipe, copper fitting, metal gutter system and stainless steel pipe fitting. It is a domestic initiative seamless copper ultra thin thickness drainage, downspout, and elbow, who has six patents of national authority in the field of metal roof gutter system .

The beautiful jungle effect is pleasing to the eye. In this exhibition, fFujian Gens Metal Technology Development Co., LTD. displayed five products: copper gutter, copper tile, copper rainchain, copper lamp and copper lightning rod.

The copper rainchain has the basic function of draining water, which can protect the building from the erosion of water. The delicate exterior exudes a metallic sheen, and the beautifully designed rainchains shimmer in the sun, swaying in the rain, adding to the building's lively charm.As a water collecting vessel and decoration, it appears in people's life, mainly used for the decoration of buildings and courtyards, with noble and elegant decoration functions.

Beijing Jinghang Tongdu Decoration Co., LTD is a famous brand in China copper decoration industry. Gathered domestic copper decoration industry elite. Established on February 8, 2002, the company is a copper decoration enterprise integrating design, processing, installation and after-sale service. Since its establishment, the company has contracted the copper decoration and renovation projects of the hall of the people in Hubei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and Hainan. Bronze doors of the general staff building, the ministry of defense foreign affairs building and the headquarters building of the naval command; Bronze gate of Beijing convention center; In particular, it has completed the renovation project of the bronze door crown project of yanqi lake APEC conference and the south-north rain shed of the conference center, and won the honorary certificate issued by Beijing municipal government.

The main entrance to the core island of Yanqi Lake international convention center is a pair of brass crowns, like the official hats of two ancient emperors. The corona of the bronze gate has nine layers and weighs 50 tons. With a total length of 16.8 meters, the top of the crown symbolizes China's booming economic development. The 56 horizontal pillars under the top of the crown represent the solidarity of 56 ethnic groups to follow the party, which is of profound significance.

If you can't go to Beijing Yanxi Lake to see such a magnificent copper door crown? Don't be disappointed, the exhibition is supported by Beijing Jinghang Tongdu Decoration Co., LTD.  A miniature version of the copper door with a length of about 2 meters will be displayed. Those who like to see, please pay attention. 

Venus Copper Group predecessor Venus Copper Engineering Limited Corporation (Hangzhou) of enterprises, "China time-honored brand" state-level non-material cultural heritage inheritance base, is China's largest professional and high-tech enterprises, took the lead in the industry through the international ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, registration of 56 national patents and won the award for the "intellectual property patent demonstration enterprise" in Zhejiang province, construction 2 class aptitude, the sole has the first-class construction technology and the first domestic copper construction enterprise standards. The general manager of Zhu Junmin (the fifth generation of zhufu tongyi) pioneered the construction of copper.

In the Venus Copper Group 's building area, this magnificent palace turret will be displayed. This is a bronze turret with the design concept of ancient architecture.

In this exhibition, we are all lucky to see not only the bronze door corona with epochal and landmark buildings, but also the exquisite and dazzling copper palace turrets.

Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Material Co., LTD, specializes in the production of Huayuan series of metal composite plates: Aluminum composite plates, Copper composite plates, Stainless steel composite plates, Titanium and zinc composite plates, Galvanized steel composite plates, Bimetal composite plates, Coated galvanized steel plates and Characteristic aluminum veneers. Our products have won the titles of "China famous brand", "China famous brand product" and "national inspection free product".The company has passed the quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, occupational health and safety OHSAS18001 and social responsibility BSCI international certification. The company is "China metal composite industry quality inspection training base", "Shanghai high-tech enterprises".The company is China's largest metal composite board sales and exports, leading the Chinese metal composite industry.

Copper and aluminum bimetal plate is used, the surface is smooth, easy to process and shape, saving a lot of precious copper material than single copper plate. The surface of original copper is bright red, affected by natural oxidation, and the color change from bright red to dark red to ancient copper to green copper will occur, fully showing the life characteristics of the change of copper decoration color with time migration. Fingerprint - resistant varnish applied to the surface can delay the process of color change. The copper surface can also be artificially colored into bronze, bronze and green copper.

In the door of the image of the wall, the editors look at the articles will not forget, the material is also provided by Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Material Co., LTD.



Guangzhou international design week (December 4-6) special exhibition for top members recommended by the association (booth no. : 2A26)

Asia copper decoration association invites all walks of life copper decoration enterprises, designers visit.

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