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Luncheon Activity of Asian Copper Decoration

Architectural designer walked into Chengdu and stood on the wind of the great development of the southwest

On November 5, there are a total of 18 scientific and technological centers and studios, including guangxia construction company, sichuan innovative wisdom company, curtain wall center, front studio, general contracting department, general institute, Qiu xiaoyong studio and dismantling department.

Total: Nearly 88 architects attended the grand luncheon

The highlight of this luncheon was the largest architectural designer luncheon in history, which was held in a large conference room of 100 people, with a total of 18 design institutes and studios. And there were no burgers or pizza for the lunch. Therefore, this architectural designer luncheon is changed into architectural designer salon.

As ever, architects are curious about the fun and knowledge our society brings them. Watch the association's materials and listen to the secretary-general's speech with relish.

After the speech, the designer developed a strong interest in the use of copper in architecture and then they communicated with each other. The enterprises coming this time (Shanghai Huayuan, Guangdong Baoliya, Fujian Gens, Nanjing Chenguang, Hangzhou Jinxing, Chongqing Furui) have active interaction and establish mutual trust. 

Asian copper decoration association

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