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What is the benefit of copper cup?

Since ancient Egyptian times, people have worn copper jewelry against their skin, and stored water in copper jars, citing extensive medical benefits.

Today, science shores up those claims, with many scholarly studies confirming that copper is a “contact killer” for many harmful materials.

Copper Benefit #1: Stimulates the Brain

We all know how frustrating it can be to feel slow and sluggish. The key to speeding up your brain on a slow day may lie in adding copper to your system.

Copper as a micronutrient is known to stimulate your body to restore and produce myelin sheaths, which are a key part of the nervous system in the brain, and allow synapses to jump from point A to point B.

Essentially, improving the health of your myelin sheaths with copper will make it easier for those synapses to fire lightning-fast.

Copper Benefit #2: Aids The Digestive System

Consuming small amounts of copper may help your body to digest more efficiently, because copper may stimulate the contraction of digestive muscles that helps move waste through the intestines, toward elimination.

It also kills bacteria, which can be helpful for eliminating dangerous microorganisms that cause stomach unrest.

That said, copper consumption should be limited to prevent it from damaging your “good” gut bacteria.

Copper Benefit #3: Balances The Thyroid

Copper is one of many trace nutrients that the body needs to perform daily functions.

Specifically, thyroid disorders such as hypo- or hyperthyroidism are often associated with copper deficiency in the system.

The illness are associated with major weight changes, hormonal fluctuations, and mood changeability, so supplementing your copper intake may help the body to balance its thyroid function and restore order.

Copper Benefit #4: Supports Cardiovascular System

Copper intake isn’t a catchall solution for all cardiovascular problems, but it has be-en demonstrated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that copper may improve heart and vascular health when taken as a supplement.

While copper is by no means a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and physician-prescribed medication, supplementary copper may help to reduce arterial plaque and open up blood vessels, helping to prevent or improve blockages.

Copper Benefit #5: Strengthens Hair

As a micronutrient, copper is a major component in producing melanin, which is a core part of hair health. Copper may be especially beneficial to restoring thinning hair.

It may also help for regrowing hair after chemotherapy, because it enlarges the hair follicles and reduces the time it takes for hair to grow and add length.

They may also naturally slow graying by increasing melanin in the hair.

Copper Benefit #6: Improves Skin

The same melanin production that’s so beneficial to your hair is also extremely beneficial to your skin.

Copper peptides can help promote healthy skin cells production and smoothness, and are especially good for healing damaged or dry skin.

They also promote collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and health.

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