Copper lightning rod
Copper lightning rod

Copper lightning rod GBGLR01012

Style:Copper lightning rod
Copper lightning rod GBGLR01012

Aftermarket:As a result of their own problems, full package returned


产品介绍 | Product description

Name :Copper lightning rod

Item NO. :GBGLR01012

Material :Purity≥99.95%T2 Red Copper

Color :Original Color/Patina/Hundreds of color for choice

Size :Customized

Life:Limitless Life

捷思铜尖顶避雷针 | GENS Copper Lightning Rod

1.Lightning rod for roof decoration

2.Hundreds of shape and surface treatment for choice

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捷思屋面系统组成 | Roof composition

1.Copper Roof Tile

2.Lightning Protection System

3.Copper Spire/Weather Vane

4.Chimney Hood

5.Vent Cap/Exhaust Hood