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New Listing of Gens Copper Rain Chain

The drizzle and wet clothes are invisible, while the idle flowers fall silently.

The small building listens to spring rain overnight, and the deep lane sells apricot flowers in Ming Dynasty.

In the middle of the night, when I was homesick and sleeping, the rain fell on the eaves of the house.

Rain, giving people a sense of tranquility and melancholy, can always easily evoke the light melancholy of homesickness. Ancient people like to listen to the rain calmly, listen to the sound of the rain pull people's hearts, let the rain tap light thoughts, the heart in this moment has become transparent, the rain dripping, telling their stories.

In ancient Japan, there was also a unique feeling for rain, a simple palm rope, along the dripping sound of rain, rain fell from the eaves, this initial form of eaves falling is known as "lock eaves".

With the development of age, the form of palm rope has gradually evolved into various chain wind bells with metal texture, which fall naturally beside the buildings and listen to the sadness of rain for a long time.

The rain chain made of pure copper, without anti-corrosion treatment, gradually dimmed in the infiltration of time and rain, turned into dark brown and copper green of Canggu.

When a certain degree of obsession with the rain chain, Kyosai architecture in Japan found the most perfect interpretation, an innovative "rain chain model" swept across the building's facade, ring-shaped copper rain chain hidden in the green vine, become the most beautiful curtain of the building landscape.

Gens's Yao Ring Linked Rain Chain is in the form of big and small rings. It is different from simple single rings. It adopts a chain structure with double rings, and can hear the crisp and melodious collision sound of metal when it is gently moved by hand.

When the sweet fish were bathed in the dripping rain, it was like a real picture of a fish in water, and it became a jumping scene in front of the eaves.

Before the rain, I look forward to a baptism of rain. In the rain, I listen to a wonderful movement played by metal. After the rain, I wear some raindrops.

You listen, the sound of rain, getting closer and closer, let you always unconsciously take steps, go to the eaves, go to the window, quietly appreciate the rain on the metal splash.

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