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The application of the copper in building household

The ancients said, "Take history as the mirror, can know the rise and fall;With the artificial mirror, can know the gain and loss" In this well-known proverb, we know from the other side that bronze has been with us since ancient times, and that bronze is so inseparable from our daily life. In the fields of energy, electricity, environment, construction, chemical industry, machinery and technology, copper has good comprehensive properties, and can be seen everywhere.

With the vision of bringing copper and world masterpiece into harmony,GENS is committed to bringing copper into architecture and home life, integrating profound historical precipitation with modern technology, and making copper culture glow with stronger vitality.

Copper products for construction:

1.Copper Gutter System

Building metal gutter system is a highly efficient and organized drainage system from Europe and the United States, which plays an important role in the protection of housing construction.

GENS has obtained 8 national patent certificates for seamless downspout pipes, which is the first seamless downspout pioneer in China. And has a complete solution of building gutter system, including downspout, gutter, rain bucket, pipe clamp, rain chain and other products.

Copper downspout have unique advantages than other materials. Gens gutter system has also been favored by many builders and won a good reputation in  many construction projects. In 2016, GENS completed the copper gutter and  roofing decoration system for Shanghai's famous theme park, which is a milestone development of GENS.

2.Copper Roof

Modern architecture not only pays attention to safety and practicability, but also  the beauty of architectural decoration. Proper roof decoration can meet the needs of safety and decoration, enhance architectural taste.

GENS Roofing Decoration System products include five main products, copper spire, chimney cap, ventilation cap, copper tile and weathervane, which constitute a complete solution of building roof.

The copper spire is full of momentum, the copper tile is luxurious and beautiful, the wind vane is novel, and the chimney cap and ventilation cap are unique in shape.

The roof products can be matched arbitrarily to create a unique architectural roof.GENS roof product design is reasonable and beautiful, can be customized according to customer needs.

3.Copper Curtain Wall

Copper curtain wall is a symbol of noble status and can be used in hotels, villas and courtyard decoration.

GENS using the purest T2/TP2 copper raw materials,and we can do hundreds of color treatment, patina, wire drawing, grinding, it is extremely luxury for buildings

GENS equipped with advanced manufacturing technology, high-precision laser cutting machine that can complete a variety of complex patterns,sculpture,fine texture.

Copper products for home decoration:

1.Copper Lamp

Lighting is an indispensable product for home lighting. From outdoor to indoor, from living room to bedroom, lighting not only plays a lighting role in modern home, but also create warm atmosphere for your house.

GENS Lighting covers indoor pendent lamp, desk lamps, wall lamps, as well as courtyard pillar lamps and lawn lamps. Its design style is simple and full with China traditional style.

2.Gardening Tools

Gardening can cultivate children's awe for nature and practical ability.GENS adhering to the concept of integrating nature into home, has recently developed a series of gardening products, including flower pots, bird houses and gardening tools.

Copper gardening tools are the best choice, not only because of the antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, but also it can keep snails and other plant pests away and protect garden plants. Pine handle is not easy to hurt children's hands, which is suitable for children to operate.

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