Protection of Copper Product

How to protect copper product?

Nowadays, many families use copper products. Copper products are not only beautiful in appearance, but also with blessing.However,copper products are often exposed to the air, they will react with some components in the air, and then darken, so the maintenance of copper products is very necessary.

1.Copper products should not be touched substance

Maintenance of copper products, first of all, should keep their copper products away from vinegar, acidic drinks, copper pots should not be used to cook mutton and vegetables containing vitamin C, the components of these substances will react with copper products.

2.Cautions for Maintenance of Copper Products

If there is dirt or oil stain on the copper products, it can be cleaned with distilled water and soap. Do not use tap water, because the chlorine gas in the tap water will cause harm to the copper products. This is the most taboo thing in the maintenance of copper products, so remember not to wipe with tap water. In the maintenance of copper products, we should also pay attention to keeping copper products away from the sun, because it will change color if exposed to the sun for a long time.

3.Rust Removal for Copper Products

Rust is a common phenomenon in copper products. If this happens, several methods can be used to remove rust.

1. Kerosene, tooth powder: first dip kerosene with cloth to wipe copper products, then wipe with tooth powder.

2. Vinegar : green copper rust on copper products can be wiped with vinegar and appropriate salt and cuttlefish bone.

3.Lemon juice: Salting lemon juice can remove copper rust, and it would be better if tin paper and sawdust were wiped with salt.

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